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3 Fruit Company (Three Fruit Co), Al Laith Sons Fruit Company

Abd El Wahab Sons Company

Abo Rawash Supply & Export

ACEAP, Al Ahram Co. for Cultivation & Exporting Agricultural Products (S.A.E.)

AGRANA Nile Fruits

AGREEN, Green Egypt For Agricultural Investment Co.

AGRICO aka Agro Alliance LLC aka Agrico LLC

Agro Alex Group Co


Agro Fresh Export & Import Company

Agro farms


Agro Fruits Egypt

Agro International Trading Imp. Exp. Agriculture Products

Agroland for Agrucultural Manufacturing

AgroMac Company

Agromoon for Export & Import

Agros LLC

Agro Valley for Import & Export

Agrovita for Food Industries

Al Dahra Agriculture Egypt

Al Ehsan for Export

Al Hassan for Export & Import the Agriculture Crops


Al Jabal for Exporting Agricultural Crops

Al Koptan for Import & Export 

Al Laith Sons Fruit Company, 3 Fruit Company (Three Fruit Co)

Alligator Group aka Alligator Export Trading Co.

Alligator Pro Import and Export Trading Company

AlMansi Fruit Company

Al Masoud Fruit for Export Co


Alnour Trading & Construction Foundation, ATC

Al Rawan For Import & Export

Alsabah for Agricultural Crops

Al-Sadat Agro Fruit

Al Sham Agricultural Development Company

Al Shams Agro Group

Al Soadaa Import & Export

AL SOLIMANIA Agriculture Egypt company

Al Wafaa Company

Al Walaa for Sorting & Packing Agricultural Crops

Al-Wessam Company for Agricultural Crops

Al Zahraa for Export Agriculture Crops

Alzahraa for Export of Land Products

ANB Company

Anwar El Madena - Hatem Ahmed Mohamed & His Partners Co

ARATCO, Arabian Agricultural Company

Aros El Delta Company & Mohammed Mojahed Fruits & Vegetables

ATC, Alnour Trading & Construction Foundation

Bab-AlRezk for Trade Foodstuff & Export

Balaika Organic Banana Company

Batta Company for Import & Export

Being One for Export


Best Fruit Company for Export & Import

Blue Valley

Cairo 3A for Agricultural and Animal Production

Capital Fruits aka The Capital Fruits & Vegetables

Charles Fresh Inc., Extreme Co. Inc.

CELF, Centre Egyptien deLegumes et de Fruits

CMF, Cairo Moscow Future

Dakahlia Agricultural Development Co


Delta for Agricultural Development

Delta Green for import and export

Dery Fruit

Dina for Export & Import

E2M for Import/Export &Commercial Agencies

EFE, Egyptian Fruit Export Co

EGAST, Egyptian Agriculture Service & Trade Co

EGCT for Agricultural Products

EGO, Egyptian Growers' Organization

EGY Farmers


Egyport Export and Trade

Egyptian Export Center - HB

Egypt over seas aka Ibrahim M. M Shehab. Co.

Egypt Valley Company

Egytree Company for Agricultural Products

Eissa Trade

El Abd Agriculture Developments Co

El Adawi Trade International Company

El Banna Group

El-Eman for Import & Export Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

El Eman Export & Import Company

El-Etreby Group

El Gebaly Fruit Company

El-Ghonemy Establishment

El Gliel foe Import & Export

El Hadeel Export Co

El-Hadidy Farms & Co.

El Hawi Trading Company

El Kady Company for Export of Agricultural Products

El-Madawy Co

ELMAGD Co. for Agricultural Products

El Manar International Co. for Export & Import

El-Marwa Foods Co aka El Marwa for Preserving and Freezing Fruits and Vegetables

El-Mohandes for Agri-Horti Products Co

El Nour Export & Import

El NOUR Vegetables & Fruits Supplies

El Obour Company for Food Industries

El Roda Co. For Agricultural Development - S.A.E.

ELSAADA Company - Fruits & Vegetables Supplier

ELSAAD, El Saad Establishment for Export

El Saad Fruits for Import & Export

ElSafa and ElMarwa import export co (Makhlouf Fruits)

ElShrouk for Food Industries

El Wadi Export Co

Elwaha for Supply and Export Agricultural Products

Emaar Co for Import & Export

Emad Basha for Imp & Exp

Evagro Desert Reclamation and Animal Wealth

Extra Global Company

Extreme Co. Inc., Charles Fresh Inc.

F.A.I., Future Agrico for Investment

FATA, Fayed Agriculture Development Co.

FFC, Fresh Fruit Co Egypt Ltd

Food Alliance for Exporting Agricultural Crops

FoodEX Economical Group

FreshLand Import & Export

Fresh Plus Co.

Fresh Yard Fruits

Fresh Zone

Fruitica Egypt Ltd

Fruit Link Co

Fruits Oasis

Fruity, Fruit Valley Co. for Agricultural Investment

Fruttella for Food Industry S.A.E.

Gadco Egypt

Gamco aka Cairo for import and export (gamco)

Ganet El Zohor Co for Trade

Gelila for Import & Export

Ghabbour Farms aka ITamco For Agriculture Development aka GB Farms

Golden Majd M

Goldfinger Premium Fruit

Good Seed for Investment & Agricultural Development

Gouda for Agricultural Products (Ezz El-Din Gouda)

Grand Egypt Agro

Grand Valley

Green Alpha for Import and Export

Green Egypt Co

Green Hand aka Al-Amir Co. for Trading & Distribution (GREEN HAND)

Green Harvest Egypt For Import and Export

Green Move

GreenTiba For Exporting Agricultural Products

Green Way for Investment and Agricultural Development

Hama for Food Industries

Herrawi Group

Homin for Export & Import

Houd El Nile for Investment and Agricultural Development

I.C.T.D, International Company for Trade & Distribution aka Agro Land International Co. For Trade & Distribution - I.C.T.D

Ibrahim Mohamed Shehab el din aka Egypt over seas

International Delta Center

Jana Fresh Company

Joe Trade Co S.A.E.

Jolly For Food Industries

KADCO, Kingdom Agricultural Development Company

King Fresh Co

Kingo Egypt Ltd

KRMENA for Expoting Agriculture Products aka KRMENA Company

La Tulipe Fruit-Vegetables Export Company

Luxor Investment & Agricultural Development SAE

MAFA, Magrabi Agriculture Farms Association

Mafaza Hg Agriculture Egypt aka El Kenana Co. for Poultry Grandparents (MAFAZA)

Mahinour Co. For Import & Export 

Makhlouf Fruits (ElSafa and ElMarwa import export co)

MAPCO, El Motwasat for Agricultural Products

Marco for Import & Export (Rostom Group)

MARINERO For Marine and Trading Services

Masan Trading

Match Farm

Mazeed Produce - Agricultural Investment & Development Company

MEAD, Middle East for Agriculture Development S.A.E

Medest for Import and Export Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

More Fresh Import & Export

MTI for Agricultural Development

Nahdet Misr Co. for Agro Industries (S.A.E.)

Natura Agro-Trade

Nature's Delight

Nile Establishment for International

Nile Farms Organization LLC - NFO

Nile International (HWA Group)

Nivex Farms for Agriculture Investment & Export

Nouranto Co. for Trade and Export

Novo Fruits

Nubafarm Agricultural Development Co

O.K Fruits LLC

Orange for Agricultural Crops LTD fka Al Sham Agricultural Development Company

O Royal Group aka Oroyal Company

Over Seas Import & Export

PAI, Pyramids for Agro-Industries

Pegasus Egypt Ltd

PICO Modern Agriculture Co. (MACO)

Pure City

RAGAB FARMS, Noubaria Agricultural Development Co.

Raya EG

REHABKO, El Rehab for International Trading

RODA EST For Import & Export aka Roda Group

R.L, Royal Land

Royal for International Trade Co

Sadat Global for Exporting Agricultural Crops

Sakkara Co for Horticultural Crops

Salma Import & Export

SE, Sayed Exp-Imp Enterprises

SE, Shawky Enterprise

Sky Fruit Investment

SMA Trading for Import and Export and Commercial Agencies


SONAC Export & Import

Stars of Export Co

TAG for Export

Tanmia Fruit

TEBA International Co.

Techno Farm for Export

Technogreen for Agricultural Investment

Three Fruit Co (3 Fruit Company), Al Laith Sons Fruit Company

Tiba Food Export

Trade Waves Co.

Tree Tops Trading

Unifresh Agriculture

Universal Egypt

Wadi Elnour

WAFRA For Export

Wavy Fresh

Zahret Misr Company

Z-Fresh Planet Company S.A.E.







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