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My site exists already for several years. It has a lot of visitors. I see how they are actively browsing my posts, although I did not make any special efforts to draw attention to the site. There is an obvious interest, but I do not know who the readers of my site are, because nobody writes anything on the forum. Only a few messages have been sent to me by e-mail with offers to arrange labels exchange, and I have received (oh, joy!) one message from an Italian collector with approving comment regarding the COBRAS catalog.

Meanwhile, the work on this catalog is ongoing, and more and more information is accumulated in it, and treatment of this information gives unexpected and sometimes quite interesting results. And I came across the fact that sometimes I forget about these findings, and they are simply lost if they have not captured in some kind of notes. That's why the idea arose to write something like a book where I could summarize the already mined information and permanently adding-on everything new and interesting to potential readers of my site, although, I repeat, I really do not know who they are. It will be a book arising, so to say, out front of its readers eyes.

The book will be, I hope, bilingual one - in Russian and in English. And if I am confident enough when writing in my Russian, then I ask in advance excuse my future readers for my English. However, I will try to make my narrative as simple and clear as possible.

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