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R&D  Research and Development (R&D includes activities that companies undertake to innovate and introduce new products and services)

Rd  Road (en) = Rte, Route (fr)

RL  Responsabilidad Limitada (es, mx) = LL, Limited Liability (en) =  R.L., Responsabilità limitata (it)

RTA  Red Tractor Assurance (see Assured Food Standards - Red Tractor Assurance entry in United Kungdom section of COBRAS catalog)    

Rte  Route (fr) = Rd, Road (en)

RV  Ramon Visa (see  Visa Fruits S.A. entry in Spain section of COBRAS catalog) 

ry  rekisteröity yhdistys (In Finland a rekisteröity yhdistys (Finnish for registered association) or registrerad förening (Swedish) is a registered, non-profit organization. The abbreviations ry (also ry.)[1] (Finnish) or rf (Swedish) are used as a suffix ending of the association's name, added when the association is officially registered) []

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