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FE Frutas Escobi (see Frutas Escobi S.L. in Spain section of COBRAS catalog)

FEM Francisco Ernesto Mudad ("…FEM FRUIT es una empresa... ...creada por Francisco Ernesto Mudad en el año 1980…"; see FEM Fruit in Argentina section of COBRAS catalog)

F.Lli Fratelli (it) = Brothers (en) = Братья (ru)

FMCG Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG or Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) are products that are sold quickly and at a relatively low cost (see e.g. GILAN FMCG Trade and Distribution in Azerbaijan section of COBRAS catalog)

FRUCIMU Frutas y Citricos de Mula (see Frutas y Cítricos de Mula S.C.L. aka FRUCIMU, S.L. in Spain sectio of COBRAS catalog)

Frusoal  Frutas Sotavento Algarve (see Frusoal, Frutas Sotavento Algarve Lda in Portugal section of COBRAS catalog)

FT   Fazl Trading (ir) (see  Fazl Azarbaijan Trading Co aka FT, Fazl Trading  in Iran section of COBRAS catalog)

FTB Frutos Tropicales Brazil (see Frutos Tropicales Europe BV in The Netherlands section of COBRAS catalog)

FTE Frutos Tropicales Europe (see Frutos Tropicales Europe BV in The Netherlands section of COBRAS catalog)

ФГ Фермерське Господарство (ua) = Фермерское Хозяйство (ru)

ФХ Фермерское Хозяйство (ru) = Фермерське Господарство (ua)


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